Saturday, January 2, 2010

This is what happens when you leave Daddy home alone.... Just Daddy and Sophia

The new bike

James' knees were almost hitting the handlebars on CJ's old bike, and we finally convinced him that it was time for a new bike, he insists on keeping the old one (very sentimental) but loves the new Buzz Lightyear bike and Rocket helmet.

Little sissy keeping busy - running around outside, just having fun, her favorite thing to do, besides taking care of her dogs and dolls.

Oktoberfest Parade

just waiting for the parade to start

Day Out with Thomas

Pictures from our Day Out with Thomas 2009 (Oct 9th)

James' School Art Work

Artwork from early on this year in school, they all told the teacher why God made them special and they were to illustrate it, and write their name and at the top she wrote their exact words of why God made them special.

Funny, funny Sophia

just snatched James' clean underwear from the laundry basket and so proud of putting it on herself!!!
no time to fix the hair, must ride, James' shoes - that's all I need!!

Oops more September highlights

Dada made it just in time to see the end of the game
note #5 in the center!!

South Padre Island and Corpus Christi Beach, a little too cool to swim, but a fun time in the sand.

September Highlights

Suddenly we had fall instead of summer and rainy days of the favorite activities is car races around the downstairs circle.

sort of playing together inside...

Ready for cubbies !

- definitely not giving James back his water bottle

Friday, January 1, 2010

OK - going to get back to posting and making sure this thing is updated!!

IL trip just before school started.....

kissing cousins...

trouble !

more trouble !!